Wonderful Learning Adventures For Pre-Schoolers

little learners The Barista Kids Little Learners School Start Program introduces pre-schoolers to the alphabet in an exciting, fun-filled & multi-sensory manner that has been designed to equip pre-schoolers with the necessary skills to begin “big school” with confidence & enthusiasm.

Many of the activities are “hands on” allowing the young child to use all of their senses in the process of learning and presented in a manner which effectively lays the platform upon which their literacy can grow from strength to strength.

Children who begin school being able to recognise and write their own name, recognise the letters of the alphabet by the “sound they make”, and understand the basics of number, shape, and colour find the classroom a very familiar environment and start school with a bundle of confidence and enthusiasm.

With the Barista Kids Little Learners School Start Program, letters are introduced as exciting individual characters which bring all the elusive alphabet letter shapes and sounds within the grasp of young children in a natural and effortless manner while creating a fun and stimulating learning experience for kids.

The use of action A-Z songs, handwriting, rhymes, craft activities and role play all combine to develop listening skills, phonemic awareness, spelling and language skills.

Young children come to think of the alphabet characters as their special friends while gaining the basic phonic information they need for unlocking the doorway to print and help start them on their journey into successful literacy.little learners

Bring your Little Learner along and see for yourself just how enriching and fun filled this wonderful learning environment can be.
They’ll get to meet Diggle Dog, Amber Ant and Happy Hannah.... just to name a few of the wonderful characters who will stimulate the Little Learner’s imagination and not only prepare them for refined reading skills but also lay an excellent platform for spelling, writing, comprehension, and all other areas of literacy development.

Added to this, the Little Learners School Start Program also involves early numeracy skills involving fun, interactive activities that teach children about number, shapes and colour.

From these wonderful learning experiences, we are very proud to say that our Little Learners certainly begin school as confident and enthusiastic “Barista Kids”.

What Other Parents Have Already Said:

“My 2nd daughter was so lucky to have met the wonderful characters from the Barista Kids Little Learners Literacy program last year. This year when she went to school she has just zoomed through her work. She just doesn’t just do well at school....she loves school!!”    Madeline’s Mum - St Johns Park

“I still cant get over the amount of confidence that my son started school with after his time last year with Letter Links. He just loves his reading. Thank Barista Kids!”    Marcus’s Mum - Hoxton Park

“Using her knowledge of single sounds that Letter Links introduced her to, at the end of last year our daughter sat down and wrote out all her own Christmas cards. We just couldn’t believe it!”    Rosemary’s Mum - Fairfield

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