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4 Macquarie Street, Taree NSW 2430

P: (02) 6551 3332
F: (02) 6551 3335


Jenni Mullen
Associate Diploma Child Studies

Matthew Mullen


Proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association

Subjects offered:
Barista Kids Education Centres pride themselves in catering for tuition in as many subject areas as possible. The availability of tuition in additional specialist secondary areas not listed here may periodically be subject to change. Please contact “Barista Kids –Taree” to confirm availability of tuition for such subjects.

* Little Learner’s School Start Program – a wonderful early literacy and numeracy 
   program for Pre-School children

* All curriculum areas - Kindergarten to Year Six

• Reading
• Spelling
• Comprehension
• Writing
• Maths
• Enrichment

* Guided Reading Program – immediate strengthening of acquisition of reading skills
* Scholarship Exam Preparation
* High School English - Years 7 to 12
* High School Maths - Years 7 to 12
* High School Science - Years 7 to 12
* HSC Preparation for Years 11 and 12
* Study Skills & Examination Preparation
* Vacation Workshop Programs (please contact "Barista Kids -Taree" to confirm
   availability and format)

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