Barista Kids Education Centre - East Maitland

232 Newcastle Road, East Maitland NSW 2320

P: (02) 4933 5833
F: (02) 4933 4355

Lyle White  -  Dip.Teaching, B.Ed., Diploma in Workplace Assessment & Training


Joy Anderson  -  Owner and Financial Controller
Debbie Byrne, Dip.Teaching, B.Ed.

Proud member of the Australian Tutoring Association

Barista Kids at East Maitland provides individual, caring and responsive evaluation of the learning needs of each student.   These learning needs are converted into effective tuition programs for the individual, with goals of increasing knowledge, developing self esteem and achieving success.

The warm, friendly environment of “The Big Blue House of Barista Kids” provides a learning environment that features not only a comfortable working environment, but also surrounds of welcoming gardens, secure car parking, with a staff whose focus is on the true customer service levels provided for both parents and students.

We invite you to make an appointment to join Joy for coffee so that you may feel the warmth of this learning environment.

Subjects Offered:
• Tailored programs for students with special needs
• Early learning programs in reading and numeracy
• All curriculum areas – Kindergarten to Year 6
• All secondary subjects -  Year 7 to Year 12 (depending on teacher availability)
• Special programs for gifted and talented students, including extension levels at HSC
• Scholarship Examination support
• Support for students undertaking Year 3 and Year 5 Basic Skills assessments and
   for students undertaking secondary national assessments, such as Year 7 ELLA
• English as Second Language -  ESL

Barista Kids east maitland
Barista Kids education centres
Barista Kids education centres