Welcome to Barista Kids Schoolsmart Education Centres

At Barista Kids Schoolsmart Education Centres we work with all students of all abilities to assist them in maximising their given potential back in their respective classrooms.

Barista Kids Schoolsmart Education Centres provide individual and small-group tuition and learning programs of the highest quality to children of all abilities ranging from our Little Learners School Start program right through to senior secondary students.

All tuition and learning programs at Barista Kids are delivered by teachers qualified in their given subject area(s) and who have all complied with relevant Working With Children legislation and procedures.

All tuition programs are conducted from professional premises that have been designed to maximise the comfort factor of attending students.

Our name Barista Kids is an affirmation because at Barista Kids we firmly believe that every kid is a clever kid!

At Barista Kids, tuition is all about success!